What I learned on the bunny hill


There's nothing like looking back at the end of the year and realizing that it's been a wonderful and fulfilling journey.

I took this selfie when I skied at Hunter Mountain last weekend.  

It was my second time skiing and I didn't learn how to ski properly when I did it the first time many years ago.  Therefore, I had to take the introduction to skiing lesson to learn the basics. 

It was tough at first. I kept falling. And the more I fell, the more scared I got. Until finally, my instruction told me, "Rachel, you know your biggest obstacle to learn how to ski is your fear of falling." 

It was the aha-moment that I needed.  Since then, I let go of my fear and just trusted my body that I would be fine even if I fell again. So I should just roll with it and have fun. 

Why does this story matter to you?

Because if we ever try to accomplish something worthwhile, we're all going to fail/fall at some point in our lives.

Whether you're searching for an internship, a job, switching your career, dating, or what have you -- life will continuously throw you curve balls and you'll get hit and fall down. 

The older we get, the more challenges we face, therefore the more we're afraid of falling. Often times, we let our fear get in the way of trying things. 

Sometimes we're so afraid of failing, getting hurt, and being embarrassed, that we stop pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, to discover our true potential.

However, we're all more capable and resilient than we thought.

Skiing taught me that it's not a matter of falling that defines my success or failures. Instead, it's my willingness to embrace my fear, pick myself up after falling, and doing it all over again, that matters at the end of the day. 

If we keep pushing our limits, we will constantly grow and become more capable of conquering our fear and the hard things in life. 

Skiing also taught me to stop comparing myself to others. Yes, I was a late comer trying to learn how to ski on the bunny hill through a lesson taught by a boy probably 10 years younger than me.  But I had a ton of fun!

Other more experienced skiers have already moved on to the advanced level -- but they would also encounter new obstacles, and of course, they had to fall and get back again too, just like myself.

With that, I hope you continue to challenge yourself in this journey of self-discovery and life adventure. And I look forward to sharing more career tips and advice with you in 2019!

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