Let’s Work Together

Do you feel stuck in your job search journey?  I can help.

Don’t know how to get a job through networking? 

Not sure how to make your resume stand out?

Can't shake off your anxiety before the interview?

You’re not alone. I’ve worked with many bright young professionals across the country, including students at Columbia University, NYU, and Duke University, who all faced similar problems.

Why? They don’t know their strengths and how to sell their unique attributes verbally and orally.

Until you’re confident about who you are, what you’re good at, and why that matters to your target audience (e.g hiring manager, your boss, industry connection etc.), you can’t win them over.

Let’s create a winning strategy to advance your career. 

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Your resume and LinkedIn profile are the cornerstones of your job search process.

In powerful words, you have to convince the hiring manager and other professionals why they should meet you.

I will help you stand out by listening to your story, finding your strengths, and weaving your unique selling points into a strong resume and catchy LinkedIn profile.

Pricing: $160 for 1 resume review & edits + 1 LinkedIn profile enhancement

NOTE: Cover Letter review can be added as a-la carte service



Now that you have a great professional brand image, it’s time to reach out and network with professionals in your target company or field.

I’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls/networking mistakes that many young professionals make.

At the same time, I’ll also teach you the secrets of effective networking that will lead to job opportunities and career advancement.

Pricing: $100 for 1-hour networking coaching call



Congratulations on landing an interview opportunity!

Using your resume and job description, I’ll help you figure out how to sell yourself as a great candidate by surpassing the employer’s expectations.

At the end of this session, you should feel empowered and confident to pitch a compelling story that nails the interview!

Pricing: $120 for 1-hour mock interview call

Happy Clients



Business Analyst at Time Warner Cable

Rachel has been my mentor for a long time. She has been giving me so much useful advice for my career and for my life. She is professional, knowledgeable and kind. She is more than a mentor for me -- more like a friend that I can trust. I enjoy every minute of our conversation and I believe many people who have ever talked to Rachel must feel the same.



Research Assistant at USC

Rachel is not only a good mentor but also a good friend. She taught me how to improve my networking skills step-by-step, instead of only teaching basic things like "what to say during the coffee chat". I used to be very uncomfortable with networking and avoid networking as much as possible. But right now I really enjoy the process of communicating with others and building my professional and personal network.

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Marketing Assistant at Bajibot Media

Rachel is an approachable and dedicated career coach with rich experience in the industry. She shared her insights into different fields within marketing and helped me turn my strength into professional skills. I also attended her networking training session. Her unique perspective into networking made it much easier for me to understand and practice. Besides, she constantly shares with me events information, career tips and encourages me to go out of my comfort zone. So far, she is of great assistance in my career development. I would definitely recommend Rachel!



Marketing Assistant at Hoolihome

Rachel is a very excellent and amazing freelance career coach, she has done a lot of work on career development for me, and she has given me a lot of very constructive advice about job search and career guidance! She is a very professional and patient instructor! I really appreciate and love her!